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Headlight Repair

We offer a wide range of headlight repairs. Our experts are prepared to deliver a wide range of headlight repairs! We solve the headlights problem either the car is continental or UK driving.

But first of all, you can save money because instead of buying a new headlight, you can get an improved one at a fair price that is as good as the new one.

Our repair package

The inner repair of a headlight is basically carried out in the following steps:

3. sealing

we seal the headlight in a professional way

2. Inner and headlight lens cleaning

we clean the inner of the headlight and headlight lens

1. preparation

we open the headlight in a professional way

Is it necessary to repair the inner of a headlight?

Please ask yourself if any of the followings apply to your headlights.

- Is the inside of the headlights cloudy or yellowed?

- Is there any moisture on the inside of the headlight?

- Is the light emission of the beam is low?

- Repair refers to the outer of the headlight only!

- Are there any drops on the inside of the lens?

- Failing the MOT?

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porsche 996/997/991

inner cleaning, sealing

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