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Scheinwerfer Politur-Aufarbeitung

Polish, repair and UV seal headlights. Technology, prices, gallery, book an appointment, order now

Here you will find some information about repairing your headlight. Are your headlights dim or dull? No problem, we will save your old headlights at a fair price. Before buying a new headlight, ask us ... it's worth it. You can save several hundred euros!

Our polish package

The preparation of your headlight takes place in the following 3 steps:

1. Preparation


Silicone removal

Paint removal

Sanding (multiple layers)

2. Polishing

Polish (multiple layers)

3. Sealing

3K hardcoat

with UV protection for the best quality

Our special protective layer with a 2-year guarantee is only available from us


We can fix any dim, dull, scratched headlights. After our repair, the headlights look almost like new. We can also repair the headlights that were not previously repaired by us, but in this case please ask before buying! The repair only applies to the outside of the headlight! If your headlights are also dirty or leaking from the inside, or have water stains, there may be water in them! - Then take a look at our special repair offers.

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