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Headlight polish with new seal

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Here you can find some information on how to maintain your headlight. Are your headlights cloudy or yellowed? No problem, we'll save your old headlights at a fair price. Before you buy new headlights, ask us ... it's worth it. You can save hundreds of euros with us!

Our polishing service

The polishing of a headlight is carried out in the following 3 steps:

Wieso Scheinwerferklinik

1. preparation


silicon removal

varnish removal

sanding (multilayer)

2. polishing

polishing (multilayer)

3. protective coating

3K protective coat

with UV coat for the best quality


- We are able to repair all of the cloudy, yellowed and scratched headlights!

- After the repair, the headlights look almost as good as a new one.

- We are able to repair those headlights that have been repaired by others, but
in this case, please let us know before buying.

- Repair refers to the outer of the headlight only!

- If the inner of a headlight is dirty, stained with water or unsealed there might
be water in them!

- Check out our special repair offers.

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