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The price includes processing and UV sealing!

Important instructions:

1., We can only repair a headlight that has not previously been repaired, tinkered or improperly polished up by us on request!

2. Have your headlight repaired by us, because this damage cannot be repaired with polish!

3., We give a 2 year guarantee on our work!

4., You will receive an invoice from us with the VAT shown!

5., Repair time: max. 3 working days

6., If you have any questions, please contact us!

Stress crack repair (all brands)

  • Repair:

    -Tension crack repair

    -Silicone removal
    -Paint removal
    -Grinding (multiple layers)
    -Polish (several layers)
    -3K hardcoat with UV protection for best quality

    Repair time:
    - max. 3 working days

    Prices include invoice, 19% VAT, 2 years guarantee on the coating, TÜV acceptance guarantee.

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